Critical thinking involves a process of identifying, analyzing, brainstorming and
evaluating the data collected by observation, reasoning and reflection.
Developing critical thinking skills influence the way we take decisions, use our
judgement and take actions to solve a problem. In short, it is a tool for self-
evaluation. A critical thinker is open to ideas and different perspectives. He has
the ability to make logical connections to get a better perspective. There is a
belief that critical thinking can have a negative influence on creativity as creativity
does not thrive and flourish on logical and rational ideas. However, creativity
requires out-of-the-box thinking, which is in a way related to critical thinking.
Moreover, critical thinking helps us differentiate between emotion and reason.
Critical thinking skills help to develop independence and a positive attitude
towards learning.
Critical thinking allows us to go beyond the superficial level of understanding and
form our own opinions by creating worthy arguments based on evidence.
Evaluating one’s own work is possible if a person has developed critical thinking. It
also helps to weigh the pros and cons of the multiple options available and to
arrive at making better decisions. The possibility of someone manipulating us
because of our ignorance can be completely avoided if we are trained to think
critically. Critical thinkers are always sought after by the employers for their
ability to solve not only the existing problems but also anticipate and be ready to
solve the future problems.
A few things must keep in mind to get better at critical thinking. The first step
would be to ask some simple questions. Then, question the basic assumptions
that can bring innovations. Being aware of our biases is critical to critical thinking.
Consider reversing things that can come of help when solutions try to elude. Try
to evaluate the already existing evidence. Finally, use your brain to work for
yourself. Critical thinking is a skill that has to be learnt and practiced to become
an expert at it.