For seeking studies abroad or jobs in various professions, scoring good marks in TOEFL IBT is mandatory! The speaking skills section is crucial here, and many students juggle around to reach 25 and above marks in this test.

Having ‘Good’ speaking skills means that TOEFLers must target a score of 26-30 in the speaking section after completing six speaking tasks aligned in grades 0-4. Total of all the marks measured on the scale of 0-30. If you manage to get a 26 out of 30, it indicates 87% speaking proficiency which is ‘Good.’

Aspirants must achieve the following scores in 6 speaking tasks to reach the total” 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, and 3. On the other hand, ETS-Certified test scorers measure the speaking responses as ‘Good’ on three main criteria such as:

-         Language Use

-         Topic Development

-         Delivery

Now how to get there! First, you don’t have a 25 score, to be precise, in TOEFL speaking section. Striving for 26 needs high proficiency, as students with this score are qualified to get licenses for certain professions in the United States. Reaching an elusive score of 26 in TOEFL IBT is possible when you follow a few expert suggestions:

-         Communicate in grammatically correct English all the time, even with family members.

-         Listen to various recorded samples of highly qualified professional English speakers and even imitate them.

-         Record your voice and listen to it. Mark most minor grammatical issues or difficulties in vocabulary.

-         Make use of a timer for practice sessions and adhere to the TOEFL time limitations.

-         Hiring an expert TOEFL Tutor online might help polish your speaking skills with their expert suggestion and feedback.


Be focused before and during the test on your delivery of a speech. Any awkward pauses or glitches in pronunciation can hamper your score. Stay precise with the use of vowels and consonant sounds. Good speakers use syllables in words and pay clear attention to intonation patterns. Apt expression of ideas and delivery of meanings with the knack of grammar is the crux to getting your dream score in TOEFL for the speaking section!